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I liked the UI/UX design, the player feedback, and I liked the mechanics & the gameplay of the game!
- Didn't like the graphics of the snake
- The snake is very slow
- You mentioned that there is a music, but I didn't hear it 
- Maybe, make the snake move faster if I pressed shift (+ one of the movement keys) or something 
- When I saw a key became grey I thought I will not be able to use it! (This could be a nice idea)


Neat! I like the little upgrade system. And while it took me a little bit to understand what was happening, I was able to figure it out without instructions, so that's cool. Ended up getting to green before I ran into my tail.

I think the board is really big to be so empty. Some obstacles could break it up a little and give the player more to dodge while trying to get the dots.


I’m so glad you enjoyed the game! :)
Thanks for your idea with the obstacles. I think the game has the potential and I want to refine it and fix all the bugs.